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Colored Combat is a fun fighting game. In this game, there are different colors of stick figures. You can choose one of your favorite colors, and people of different colors have th [...]
The wolf can be in the field, help the farmer work, also can go hunting, have own family. Wolves do different tasks and earn gold COINS to improve their skills. You can do whatever [...]
Use your powerful kick to eliminate the bad guys.
Kevin is the commander of team tiger. This team is very experienced in rnrnshooting long targets and also very skilled in rescue operations. Team rnrntiger has successfully complet [...]
Use the keyboard keys ‘A’ and ‘D’ or touchscreen to smack the zombie cockroach. ‘S’ fending off zombie cockroach’s attacks.
Now most people probably heard of Happy Wheels from somewhere such as youtube like Tobuscus, Pewdiepie or another youtuber.  If not I suggest you try it! Its loads of fun!!!!!!! If [...]