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single player

Slender is a very frightening game where you have to try to find 8 pages of death notes  while a demonic creature chases after you otherwise known as “Slender Man.”   A [...]
Quake 4 is an old but pretty cool game about an alien race called the Strogg that are part human part robot and your a soldier that has to eliminate them, much fun!!!!! So I sugges [...]
Now most people probably heard of Happy Wheels from somewhere such as youtube like Tobuscus, Pewdiepie or another youtuber.  If not I suggest you try it! Its loads of fun!!!!!!! If [...]
Some people say that Roblox is a complete copy of Minecraft or that Minecraft is a complete copy of Roblox. What do you think is better Roblox or Minecraft? Subscribe to tell me yo [...]